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Unfrosted "naked" Gallery
Things We Will Not Provide

1.  Cakes
without any glazing or outer frosting or dusting (which offers moister barrier).

All of my cakes have a thin glaze of buttercream to keep fresh (as seen in pics at top of page.)

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2.  Cakes with a gel filling that oozes over the edges. 

Cake fillings are intended to not only be delicious, but also offer support for each tier of cake stacked upon it.  Gel fillings becomes can become unstable if fillings start to disappear from the middle if allowed to ooze out over the edges.  There is no way to control or determine how much filling will remain in between the tiers.  So although these pictures below are beautiful, we suggest that you consider the stability of your cake - no matter who you choose as your baker. 

As an alternative, we can pipe a small buttercream border to hold the gel filling in ,thus stabalizing the gel within your cake tier.  If you prefer that some of the gel color be apparent to the naked eye, we can incorporate a small portion of the gel into the glaze for aesthetic purposes only.

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