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Gender Reveal:
We have just started receiving orders for "Gender Reveal" cakes. To offer you ideas, I found the photos below from various sites online.  I cannot take credit for making the cakes pictured below.  But I can reproduce any of these cakes in buttercream to suit your needs.  Some cakes will have fondant accessories (such as a bow, baby shoes, or figure) and may incur a slight additional charge.
(you can order the interior of cake to be pink or blue to correspond with gender)

Owl: "Whooo Wants To Know?"
            "Whooo Will It Be...He or She?"
            "Babies Are a Hoot!"
            "Guess Who?...Pink or Blue?"
Football: "Pink vs. Blue...Which Team Are You?" 
Present/Gift: "He or She...Open To See!"
Bee:  "What Will Baby Bee?"
            "It Bee a Boy!"  or "It Bee a Girl!"
General:  "He or She...Can't Wait To See!"  or "He or She...Wait and See!"
                      "He or She...Which Will It Be?"
                    "Baby Is Coming, Cute As Can Be...Will It Be a He or a She?"
                    "Blue or Pink...What Do You Think?"
                    "It's a ____"
Star/Moon: "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star...How We Wonder What You Are!"
Bowties/Bows:  "Bowties or Bows...Nobody Knows!"
            "Beau or Bow...Soon You Will Know!"
Fingers/Toes: "Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes...Boy or Girl...Nobody Knows"
Duck:  "Waddle It Be?"
                "What the Duck Is It?
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